Serving those who serve

  • There are almost 50,000 military veterans in the 8th District, all of whom deserve our respect and support. I will prioritize caring for our veterans and fixing the unconscionable bureaucratic failures that have plagued the VA and other veterans service agencies for far too long. America’s veterans deserve better.


  • Recently discharged military veterans deserve dedicated job training programs to ensure a successful transition to the private sector. I believe that meaningful employment is always preferable to unemployment and it is our duty to our veterans to help them add to the skills they acquired in the military and achieve meaningful jobs in the civilian sector. Job training programs would teach these veterans valuable skills and enhance the skills they gained from their service.


  • Accessing VA programs is difficult for many veterans, which is one of the reasons why only a small percentage of veteransever use the benefits they earned during their service. We have to do a better job of ensuring veterans' health care needs are met, including allowing them to see doctors outside the VA system when necessary. All options need to be made available and properly funded to ensure that our nation’s veterans can utilize the health care they earned as a member of our Armed Forces.


  • Keeping military families together and supported should be a priority for our nation. Reintegration of soldiers who are away from home for months at a time is a difficult transition for many families because there are not many dedicated, family-specific resources. It is important that we focus on doing all it can to assist families during active members’ time away from home and after their return.