Setting the Record Straight

Nancy Pelosi's SuperPAC is misleading voters about the national tax reform bill by pushing misleading and false attacks. In fact, she is so desperate to smear Dino’s record that she has spent half of her national ad budget just attacking Dino. Team Dino is responding here because we believe it's important to give voters the whole truth.

Setting the Record Straight Part 3

Setting the Record Straight

CLAIM: 83% of the tax bill's benefits go to the top 1% of earners.
FACT: This claim is untrue. 80% of the tax bill's benefits actually go to people outside the top 1% according to independent

Dino is the only candidate in this race who has a track record of cutting taxes and preventing tax hikes for middle class families. The truth is, Washington State is gaining thousands of new jobs thanks to the tax cuts, and families are keeping thousands of their own dollars instead of giving that money to the federal government. Dino firmly believes that tax relief for the middle class is key to job growth and has a strong and proven track record of defending the middle class.

Dino’s opponent supports costly increases in income taxes and energy taxes, but Dino will always stand against attempts to raise your taxes.

CLAIM: If you're over 50, AARP says your health insurance will go up as much as $1,500 next year.
FACT: If that's true, it has nothing to do with the tax cuts or anything Dino supports. The cost of health care is rising, but that has been true since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).
Dino supports solutions to bring down the cost of health care. AARP has called Dino a "Senior Star" for his work defending seniors. Advocates for people with developmental disabilities have given Dino eight awards for his work crafting budgets that defend people with disabilities. Dino has always prioritized protecting the vulnerable and will continue to do so in Congress. 
There is no scheme that Dino supports to raise the cost of coverage for older Americans. He will work in Congress to protect Medicare and Social Security, and make health care affordable for all regardless of age.
CLAIM: Dino's state budget cut health coverage for 46,000 children.
FACT: Under the budget passed into law, no kids lost their health coverage. In fact, the budget actually INCREASED the projected number of children covered by the state by 25,000. Dino fought to ensure that poor children had priority access in the programs in question.
CLAIM: Dino's budget increased taxes on nursing homes.
FACT: Nursing homes themselves requested a new fee so they could better access Medicaid dollars and provide better care to their residents. Dino listened to the concerns of nursing home staff and residents, and made the change they requested. The Seattle Times reported that, "Nursing homes with large numbers of residents receiving Medicaid asked the Legislature to levy the tax as a way to get more matching federal dollars and boost their overall funding. Nancy Pelosi's cynical political machine is using this honest effort to help seniors to score political points.


Setting the Record Straight Part 2