Protecting the Vulnerable

“A fiscal conservative with a social conscience”

  • As chair of the Senate Ways & Means Committee, Dino turned the largest dollar deficit in Washington history into a bipartisan balanced budget by refocusing the priorities of government to deliver the best possible value of services to Washington taxpayers. His guiding philosophy of fiscal conservatism with a social conscience helped him protect the most vulnerable Washington residents during his time in the legislature and will continue to guide him as the Representative of Washington’s 8th Congressional District.


  • Dino defended funding for seniors, the mentally ill, and those with developmental disabilities by bringing people from both parties together onto fiscally responsible and socially conscientious common ground. That’s why his budget work in the state Senate was signed by the Democratic Governor and supported by every single Republican Senator and 38 Democrats in the Washington legislature, including the current Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp.


  • Dino has always dedicated himself to protecting the most vulnerable in society, which is why he has been recognized for his work. His balanced budget earned him the Senior Star Award from the AARP for protecting seniors, and developmental disabilities groups have given him eight different awards for his work in the legislature defending the vulnerable. Dino will work to enact effective, fiscally-responsible programs designed to get results and eliminate the bureaucracy that prevents kids, the disabled, and other vulnerable groups from getting the help they need.


  • Dino will keep our word to our senior citizens by protecting and preserving Medicare and Social Security for everyone who has paid into it. It’s their money. Dino will work to ensure that everyone gets 100% of the Social Security they are entitled to while reducing fraud and abuse.