Keeping Our Children Safe

Keeping our children safe

  • It is essential that we keep our children safe in their schools – the repeated attacks on and in our schools are unacceptable and cannot be allowed to continue. As your Congressman, I'm willing to listen and talk with anyone who wants to work in good faith to advance solutions to violence that are effective and Constitutional. We must look at every option that meets both of those criteria.


  • One thing that our Congress is failing to do now is to do more to recognize and treat mental illness in this country. It's important to have resources available to help people who may be struggling with mental disorders before they become dangerous, and I would support efforts to do more for the mentally ill, just as I did in the state legislature.


  • It is essential for Congress to re-evaluate whether there are modifications in the market that turn legal weapons into illegal ones. It has been illegal to own automatic weapons (machine guns) for a very long time, and if there are technologies that can functionally turn hunting rifles into automatic weapons, we need to make sure they're not falling through loopholes in the law. We also must strictly enforce current firearms laws. After dipping for several years, prosecution of gun crimes is now trending up again, and that's a good thing.


  • Although this is not a legislative fix, I believe that we must collectively stop sensationalizing the murderers who commit these attacks. The focus in the aftermath of these atrocities must be on helping the victims and preventing these attacks, not on giving the attackers the attention and platform they desire.