Reducing mandates to increase competition and lower prices

  • It is more important than ever for Congress to implement policies that improve access to affordable, quality health care and give our citizens the freedom to choose the policy that fits their needs. Two ways to achieve this include providing tax incentives for small businesses that provide health insurance for their employees and reducing health care mandates. Reducing mandates will reduce cost by bringing more companies into the marketplace and giving Americans more choices to find the right health insurance product for their individual needs. 


  • I have personal experience with the consequences of mandates -- the last time Congress expanded mandates, my family lost our health insurance and we were forced to buy a more expensive plan with worse coverage that required us to purchase services we had no need for. 


  • Congress' decision last year to reduce health care mandates was a good start, but more must be done to drive down the cost of health care and increase individual choices for health insurance in the 8th District and across the country.