Government Reform

Making government work for the people

  • We have enough people in D.C. yelling at each other and too few working to solve problems. My strong history of bringing Republicans and Democrats together on popular solutions to real problems is sorely needed in D.C. That’s why I have been reappointed to the state Senate twice, with Republican activists agreeing with every single Democrat and Republican on the King County Council that I have the skills to bring problem-solving back to government and make it serve the people.


  • My guiding vision for every policy decision is whether it will move the economy forward or backward. I view all legislation through this prism. I will end the inattention to key business climate issues and return to responsible and sustainable federal budgeting.


  • I will focus on fiscally responsible policies and work to produce a budget that reduces the deficit for the next generation of taxpayers while reducing the red tape and burdens that bureaucracy places on people.