Leaving the “campsite” better than we found it

  • My commitment to the environment comes from my Tlingit Alaskan Native grandmother, who taught my family the importance of leaving the campsite better than you found it.


  • I have been a steward of the environment and am committed to ensuring the conservation of public lands. I have twice won the Good Green Deeds award from the Washington Conservation Voters, and was on the Board of The Nature Conservancy and the Mountain-to-Sound Greenway Trust. I was also instrumental in saving the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery from closure as a state Senator.


  • I favor an all-of-the-above approach to energy policy, including preserving our state’s dams and supporting nuclear power, which has been and will continue to be important to our nation’s energy infrastructure.


  • I have campaigned on environmental issues, including calling for converting the state motor pool to hybrid and plug-in vehicles, providing a sales tax exemption on hybrid vehicles, replacing fish-killing road culverts and implementing congestion relief projects that would eliminate millions of tons of carbon emissions produced by cars stuck in traffic.


  • Our forests must be managed more effectively to reduce forest fires, which destroy property, take lives, ravage communities, and release massive amounts of greenhouse gases and particulate pollutants into the atmosphere.